About Us

Sunnyside Community House is a historical treasure owned by the United Methodist Church and maintained by a small army of dedicated volunteers. Since its completion in 1890 this building has been a cornerstone of neighborhood connection based in service and spirituality, and now we move it into the next generation. As our community evolves, Sunnyside Community House anchors itself as a place that is open to all neighbors for a variety of services, classes, opportunities, and connection.

A cornerstone of the work at this old stone church has been Pat Schweibert and the hosting of The Hard Times Supper. Every Wednesday for over 38 years Pat and her friends make and serve a delicious meal meant for all who show up. Usually between 100–150 neighbors fill the tables for a warm meal and conversation. If you’d like a meal on Wednesday or to volunteer to serve our less than fully housed neighbors, contact Pat at 503 706 6583.


Along with the Hard Times Supper there is an active houseless service in the basement of the Community House. It is a great place to give and get nice used clothing, blankets, warm jackets, and other assorted necessities (donations always welcome!). Showers and laundry services are also offered on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. And, when the temperatures dip below freezing in the winter, there is an emergency shelter that kicks into service. If you have any need for the services, come by. If you have any time, energy, muscle, goods, or money to support the efforts: Thank you!

Upstairs in the church you can find a plethora of unique and beautiful spaces that are available to rent for a variety of activities, including a beautiful old basketball court for big movement play or perfect for yoga classes. The building has tenants with deep roots in the performing arts community and regularly hosts meetings of social justice in our Sanctuary. And, parents: where else in town is there an active Toy Library (open Saturdays 10am–4pm)?! We look to grow our programming and offerings of workshops, classes, and opportunities to both serve and learn together. If you have an idea for a workshop or a need for a space, again, call Pat or email info@sunnysidecommunityhouse.org